About US

Areion is a  NZ owned and operated boutique manufacturer that specialises in building what you, the customer, wants.

Owners of Areion, Tanya Bijl & Sean Hallowes, have been riding horses for over 30 years, so are both very familiar with the needs of horses and owners, such as large horse bays, smooth edges and lots of storage space.

We have now developed a range or 2, 3, and 4-horse angle load trailers, with or without living areas, all having a very light tare weight of around 1500kgs, so they can still be towed legally and safely behind a Japanese ute or similar style vehicle, and are on WOF, therefore taking all the hassles out of your transport needs.

Customer service is very important to us, and our customers are our best advertisement of our product and our impeccable service. Our focus is to make your life easier and we listen to your needs to ensure we make your new trailer or float exactly as you want it. Check out our very happy clients' comments and the vehicles we have built for them.

Sean’s background began as an automotive spray painter, then advancing his skills into designing and building large, luxurious motorhomes, coaches and horse trucks,
So comprehensive fit-outs is no new thing to us, We can give you a basic entry level trailer or the most luxurious trailer you can imagine.

A massive benefit of our construction method is that our trailers are very light, due to the material we use for our walls, being composite fibreglass and aluminium, making them very strong, but much lighter than a conventional build with steel framing. There is also the added bonus that  our material will not rot or rust, and is fully insulated in both living area and horse area.

We have used this method for over 10 years on various vehicles, so it is tried and tested.


Contact us today to discuss your requirements or get a quote/estimate of work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Sean Hallowes was brought up in Northland originally from a farming family where he was on a horse from a very young age. Completing an automotive body building & spraypainting trade in 1989. This developed into a coach building and custom vehicle building and manufacturing business in 2005 when he started Phoenix motorhomes. 

Realising that the most common problem with vehicles in NZ was rust and body rot, Sean consulted experts in the marine technology industry to adapt boat building materials to vehicle building to overcome this common problem. From there a new generation of custom coach bodies was born.

For 7 years Sean built numerous large luxury motorhomes and custom vehicles and even a large mobile training and recruitment vehicle, with a full cinema with seating for 16 people and slide out rooms to maximise space, was built for the NZ military service.

During this time Sean designed a new range of horse floats and trucks but simply couldn't devote his time to specialise in the horse transport industry completely so it was put on hold until the business was sold in 2012 and then in 2019 Areion was born. 

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Tanya Bijl came to NZ in 2011 on holiday from The Netherlands and instantly fell in love with the Bay of Islands. Shortly after she met Sean and found they both had a love for horses. They soon bought a lifestyle property to accommodate their horses.

In 2019 Tanya’s dreams came true when she started working for Dromgool Horsemanship in Paihia. Tanya now tows a 10 m long horse trailer loaded up with 8 horses to 90 mile beach most weekends in the summer to take people on wild horse adventures in the forests and sand dunes. This experience has been fantastic for the float manufacturing business around horse safety and transport knowledge.

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